Shortly about to release new album Saltarello! Stay tuned :-)


  After that we have a whole load more Magicfolk songs already
  in full writing flow for a 4th album to follow at a later date.
  We're also producing the next Willowspin album, and so with all this on
  the cards, Magicfolk is taking time out from gigging, and will see how
  the land lies for such adventures next year.
  In the meantime, you can go to the LISTEN page to hear stuff from
  our previous albums and singles - which can all be ordered direct
  (or via) our SHOP page.
  Hope you enjoy having an esoteric rummage around our website :-)
  "Like the bright sun burning through the morning fog,
  Magicfolk come bearing tradition, vision, passion and
  mysticism" Exposé Magazine
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