NEWS 2017      
  LITTLE BLUE LIGHT (Jana Harry)  
  Michelle's second single under her other  
  musical identity 'Jana Harry'. With Geoff  
  Charlton, Ben Glover and Dave Mason.  
Magicfolk's 3rd album:
  "Saltarello evokes a mixture of realms,  
lost empires, strange territories and
  invites you to join the journey: hypnotic,  
  sumptuous and languid." Folkwords  
TALES OF POWER, the 2nd Magicfolk album, as well being available as
  a delux 12p digipak, is now also available as a digital release.  
  VIDEO: 'Dance of the Honey Bee'  
  Check it out on YouTube  
    WHAT'S NEXT?  
    There is a 4th Magicfolk album to come and already a good part recorded,  
    as well as plans for Jana Harry's debut album.  
"Like the bright sun burning through the morning fog,
Magicfolk come bearing tradition, vision, passion and
mysticism" Exposé Magazine
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