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Magicfolk (2007)


Green Man Heliopolis
  Furies Diving Bell
  Persephone Sea Priestess
  Little Spirit Narcissus
  Sheba Egypt
  Aibo Angel
Tales of Power (2011)
Desert Song Lion Tamer
  Dragonspell Wiccan Dance
  The Faery Ring Nagual
  Into the Blue Winged Bull
  Call Time Death & the Maiden
Saltarello (due 2014)
Saltarello Dance of the Honey Bee
  Babylon In-Law's Dance
  Konzanis Parson's Farewell
  Rí na Sideog Dance Dance
    (More tracks to be confirmed)
* NEW! *
Bedlam Boys (2013)
SINGLE - Magicfolk and Kim Thompsett
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Beltaine Calan Mai (2012)
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  Aibo - from the album "Magicfolk" (2007)
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